101 is listed on the National Register of Historical Places and located in the beautiful town of Winchester, Indiana.


Built in 1858 by Adam Hirsh and locally known as the Hirsh building.

Little if any record keeping was done when it was originally built. The historical research is a ongoing project. We will update the history on this website as we go along with this project. We can tell you what we do know now.


The Hirsh building (known hereafter known as 101) is one of the oldest establishments in town


101 was originally built as 101 S. Main St (1st floor north side), 101 1/2 S. Main St. (2nd and 3rd floors) and 103 S. Main St. (1st floor south side) The east building on Washington St. was built at a later date and is now included.

To avoid confusion we have combined all four to be known as 101.

William Pierce established a drug store and book store at 101 S. Main and sold it to J. C. Hirsh (Adam's brother). At this time James Oldham owned and ran a Hatters shop at 103 S. Main. In later years the drug store was owned by Mr. White and he sold the drug store to Homer Waltz. Mr. Waltz ran a thriving business and many still recall the rolling ladder he had at the back of the room to reach the medicines to fill prescriptions. The drug store also ran a soda fountain that was very popular. Lime Phosphates called Green Rivers, Cherry Phosphates, Vanilla Cokes and Chocolate Milk Shakes were some of the favorites of those that frequented Waltz Drugs.


The upstairs was originally built as the Washington Hotel. To date we've been unable to find any records about the owner or who ran the Hotel. The only confirmation that it was a hotel is a historical photo with the name painted on the north and west sides of the building. Local residents have stated that the Civil War Round Table met each month in one of the rooms on the 3rd floor.

The date of when the building on West Washington was built onto the east side of the Hirsh building is unclear. It does however have some great local history attached to it.


In 1945 Duane "Wick" Wickersham opened the Rainbow Room. Wick used many of his grandmothers recipes and the pies were a huge hit. (especially the sugar cream) Wick started delivering pies from the Rainbow Room out of a 1934 Buick Sedan. By 1949 they were selling 300 pies a day. In 1961 he purchased a new building and closed the Rainbow Room. They are still in business and making over 10,000 pies a day at the new location.


The Sugar Cream Pie is Indiana's state pie.


SilverTowne was also born in the Rainbow Room from a cigar box under the lunch counter and is now a multi-million dollar business.


The drug store closed and was sold to Mr. Byrum where he ran a successful diner for years. The diner was later purchased by Mr. & Mrs. Stanley where they successfully ran Round the Corner Cafe until a fire damaged the structure under the dining room. Demolition was considered due to the fire.


101 is currently being renovated to save this amazing piece of local and state history.

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