In the beginning

Since work began at 101 the construction workers, guests and the owner have experienced things they couldn't explain. Claims of footsteps, voices, growls, knocks, objects moving from one part of the building to another, grabbed and even being scratched. 

Paranormal teams stepped in to document the unexplained activity. Capturing on film, recorders and hearing on spirit boxes the claims many have made.


The unspoken history

Locally the town was directly involved in the abolitionist movement that employed risky tactics to end slavery. Could this be the reason for the hidden room in the floor? There are rumors of a man that died upstairs from dysentery and it was weeks before they found him. Did it take so long to find him because he was in the hidden room? At one time the diner owner was distraught over financial problems and committed suicide by gunshot. Does he still watch over the kitchen and the reason everyone that goes in there feels they are being watched?

In the late 1800's Ms. Carrie was a dressmaker and rented a room on the 2nd floor. She was being sexually assaulted by a man they called Arney. She shot and killed him at the top of the stairs with a Derringer. Is he the apparition that has been seen, heard and makes loud bangs? There are rumors a man hung himself somewhere in the building. Is he the one that growls? In the early 1900's the Chief of Police shot and killed a criminal on the street right outside the front door. Is he the one that opens the door? The police booth once stood on the north side of the building and the cells were underground where they put the criminals into a pit. The only way in and out was by lifting a trap door in the floor. Records say the pit was cold, wet and inhumane to keep anyone in it. That pit was right up against the basement wall. Could they have died in that pit and the reason people are being attacked in the basement? The basement is very dark with no windows and at one time was a Speakeasy. They had a secret way to escape to the building next door. The other side of the basement was a butcher shop. Is that why so many feel uncomfortable when they enter the room? The 3rd floor was a dance hall and brothel but why are there peepholes and why is there a special room with a peephole?


                                       Where  history  speaks to those that listen.

                                                                                          Do you dare?

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